An Ontario Youth Challenge

In preparation for the June 7th Provincial Elections, Hear Us Out is an online advocacy initiative for Ontarians between the ages of 14-29 years old. You can join the campaign at any time, but the more challenges you successfully complete, the higher the likelihood that you’ll win one of three VISA gift cards. Start now!


The scoreboard will be updated at the end of each week, so make sure to check back to see if you're in the top three!

  • Abdul Rehman Salah
  • Jessice Guo
  • Gabby Chan

Join the challenge.

You know you want to! It’s a fun way to engage in the political process and bring the youth voice to the table.


About the initiative.

What was the inspiration behind this initiative? Why is it important? How do you partake in it?


The Handbook.

This handbook familiarizes you with the political process, advocacy tools, and gives you an understanding of how your voice can impact policies in place.


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